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Managing Employee Absenteeism Effectively

Managing Employee Absenteeism Effectively

Optimizing staff performance
An organization no matter how big or small cannot succeed without energetic, devoted and hardworking staff. Companies today are devoting a lot of their energy and efforts designing flexible, acceptable and productive work environment for employees. Effective staff management is vitally important in today's economic climate, but it can also be very challenging and expensive when not done correctly. Growing businesses need to focus on building the business and this entails keeping an eye on the checks and balances on all the activities performed within the business. Optimizing staff performance along with managing their costs to the business is often overlooked by many growing businesses. Companies should adopt a holistic approach towards optimizing staff performance if they are to remain competitive.

The Cost of Not Managing Absenteeism Effectively
The misuse of sick leave and failure to monitor employee absenteeism disrupts production and increases costs. Studies reveal that only one employee out of three calling in sick, is actually sick. In South Africa, research shows that absenteeism is costing the country’s economy approximately R12 billion every year. What's more alarming is the fact that many companies ignore this, and accept absenteeism as part of the daily operations. Sadly most Small to Medium sized businesses cannot afford the luxury of sophisticated Time and Attendance systems, resulting in a reactive rather than a proactive approach to dealing with employee attendance. According to Alexander Forbes, companies need to adopt proactive approaches to deal with absenteeism. There is a strong need to invest in a strategy that actually works to manage employee absenteeism and CheckIn provides a solution for this.

What is CheckIn
CheckIn is a mobile time and attendance system for smart phones and devices. It provides small and medium enterprises with an efficient and professional platform to reach their staff members and keep a track of their attendance. The app is developed by MC² a South African company specializing in the use of geolocation technology for web and mobile applications. CheckIn plays an important role in managing, integrating and empowering the workforce. The cloud based system enables employers to keep track of employee attendance and leave management by monitoring their work attendance and frequency of absenteeism. The geolocation component of the app ensures that your staff are not calling in sick and requesting to work from home, when they are in fact still partying at Rocking the Daisies. With an average monthly price tag of R50 per employee, CheckIn is an easy, cost effective and proactive solution for growing businesses to effectively manage attendance and empower their workforce.