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Managing Work From Home Employees

Managing Work From Home Employees

Working from home is on the increase
Today, telecommuting and Work from home (WFH) options are easier than ever before, thanks to the lower costs of technology and better high-speed broadband available around the world. Flexible working arrangements can sometimes involve letting on-site employees work from home one or two days a week; but many new age companies are hiring employees who live in different regions, and even different time zones. Managing a flexible workforce has also become easier when companies make use of the many free and low-cost tools available to keep remote staff accountable, productive and available. Skype is just one of these products helping companies and employees bridge the divide between home and office. But these are essentially just communication tools and if you are using Skype and email to manage staff attendance, then you might just be creating a bigger problem for yourself.

Get a good attendance system
Having a good attendance tracking system should also be part of your tool-set as it not only allows you to capture an employees attendance but also allows employees to track their overtime and feel like they are in control of their work attendance. Attendance tracking can be used to generate various employee reports to show the effective working hours of each individual employee, not only when they are working from home, but also when they are on business trips or official visits to a client sites. An effective attendance tracking system should also be integrated with payroll software so that you do not need to capture piles of leave forms at the end of the month. However it is just not feasible to install punch machines, biometric devices and swipe cards in your employees homes, and this is where CheckIn comes in to solve the problem.

What is CheckIn
CheckIn is a mobile time and attendance system for smart phones and devices. It provides small and medium enterprises with an efficient and professional platform to reach their staff members and keep a track of their attendance. The app is developed by MC² a South African company specializing in the use of geolocation technology for web and mobile applications. CheckIn plays an important role in managing, integrating and empowering the workforce. The cloud based system enables employers to keep track of employee attendance and leave management by monitoring their work attendance and frequency of absenteeism. The geolocation component of the app ensures that your staff are not pretending to visit a client, when they are in fact having an extended lunch in the pub. With an average monthly price tag of R50 per employee, CheckIn is an easy, cost effective and proactive solution for growing businesses to effectively manage attendance and empower their workforce.